How To Change Laser Toner Ink Cartridge on HP LaserJet 4250n Printer


If you have a HP LaserJet 4250n printer or even alike computer printers, you will eventually find yourself out of ink. Printing from your computer is easy and simple right up until the point when you run out of toner ink. Then it becomes costly and a little messy :-)

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The article I have written will show you how to change the ink cartridge laser toner on this Hewlet Packard printer.

Remove and Shake It!

Take the toner ink cartridge from its packaging and give it a couple shakes side to side. The ink inside the cartridge is powdery and really dry. Not a liquid. By shaking it a bit, you will loosen up and even out the toner powder for simple flow into the printer.

Remove the Paper and Plastic Covers From Ink Cartridge

After you shake and remove your printer ink cartridge, you'll notice that there are regularly plastic and paper covers on it. These covers keep the ink secure and stable inside the cartridge until ready for use. You will need to remove them before inserting the cartridge into the printer.

For this specific cartridge, you can start by removing the paper covering the front area of the ink cartridge. These are regularly a tab or area marked on the cover where you can pull it.

When you do this, utilization some care, particularly if you are wearing a light colored shirt. The ink inside is generally a dry powder and travels simply in the air. If you are too harsh when taking off the covers, and if there is some ink on the cover, you could get some on yourself.

Pull any Interior Cover Out as Well

I'm sure there is a more official name for it, but we'll call it the 'inside cover' only because I'm too dumb to know the correct word :-)

Regularly, the large ink cartridges additionally have a strip of plastic that runs through the interior. You'll see a tab stick out the side of the ink cartridge.

Grab the tab and delicately but solidly pull the tab out. Try not to pull the tab too hard or you'll risk breaking it. Likewise be to stand back a bit when you pull it out. If for some reason you are outside or in a windy environment (like a fan blowing) make sure the tab you are pulling out is downwind. Truly, there probably is some dry ink on this "inside cover." The removal is simple, but it is only a flimsy bit of plastic, if it blows against you, you'll have ink on your clothing for sure.

Open The Cartridge Hatch!

The rest of this is much simpler. Simply ahead and open the hatch that the old cartridge is in. For the Hewlet Packard HP Laserjet 4250n, make sure to open the top hatch and not the door just below the top hatch. I get fooled by this each time. If you see the old toner cartridge (or a giant empty space if the printer never had a cartridge to begin with) you have got the right place.

Pull Out the Old Ink

Pulling out the old ink is simple to do. Simply ahead and handle it and pull it out in a slightly toward and upward you manner. It should come out no issue.

Put The New Ink In

Then take the cartridge you simply removed the packaging from and place it into the printer. Insert it the same way you took the old one out. It should fit in easily and securely.

Close the Ink Door

If you have put the ink in appropriately, the door/hatch will close effectively. If you find the printer hatch to not be closing completely, you have likely not pushed the ink cartridge down completely.

Once you have closed the door, you'll hear the printer run on its own for a moment, then stop. You should be OK to go right now.

I Hope That Helps!

I trust that helps you to replace the ink in your HP Laserjet 4250n printer! Thanks for stopping by.

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