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Why is Cartridge Toner Leaking/Streaking, and How Can We Fix it?

A leaking printer cartridge is an issue faced by many laser printer users. The streaking/leaking toner can cause a powdery mess inside the printer, streaked printouts, or stained pieces of clothing. A streaking or leaking toner can possibly ruin your day. Your toner cartridge needs to be fixed or replaced if it is leaking or has leaked inside the printer. Before going deep into the details of how to fix the leaking cartridge toner, it is important to get an understanding of its leakage first. Damage toner cartridges can cause leakage problems Dozens of moving parts are present in a toner cartridge. For efficient performance of toner cartridge, it is essential that all these small components must work correctly. If any parts are not working accurately, it can cause toner leakage inside the printer device. Accidental falls can also cause toner cartridge damage, and the damaged cartridge produces streaked prints or can spill out the toner. If any part of the toner cartridge or its ph