Laser Toners in Printers - Why Are They Considered Cost Efficient?

Laser printers are nowadays seen everywhere. Offices, schools, hospitals, agencies in short everywhere you could see them printing out the pages. The people or offices where huge numbers of prints are required, the first choice of them are laser printers. This is due to the fact that laser printers print a large volume of paperwork. They are a most reliable source of printers as they are much faster than the inkjet printers. Laser Toners present in the laser printers can print minimum 3000 printouts per toner. Due to their efficiency and cost effectiveness, they are highly trendy in offices. These are the some of the advantages which laser toners have over inkjet toners:
Firstly, a single laser toner cartridge can print at least 3000 pages while an inkjet toner cartridge can print only 200-300 pages.

Secondly, the rate of print per minute for a laser printer is far more than the inkjet printer. A laser printer can print 20-30 pages per minute while in case of inkjet printers the maximum 6-8 pages.
Thirdly, the cartridge of laser toner has a very long shelf life as compared to inkjet cartridge. The reason is that if you did not use an inkjet printer for a month or two, the ink present in the cartridge will dry out and consequently you will have to purchase another toner cartridge again. But in case of laser toner cartridge, the shelf life exceeds to three years at least.

Lastly, quality of the print is the hallmark of the laser printers. The print is clear cut, ink is evenly distributed and you will not see any problem regarding printing. But in case of inkjet there are some issues of ink leakage which can be problematic at times for the user.

Although it has been seen that laser toners are expensive than the inkjet toners but if you see the real picture of the story, they are much economic than the inkjet. Price per print for laser toner is cheaper than the inkjet. You purchase one cartridge of laser toner and it will print thousands of pages and that too in very quick succession, but on the other hand, after several hundred prints you have to either refill the cartridge or purchase a new one. Ultimately the cost of production will rise for inkjet printers.

If you are really interested in purchasing a new printer, then you should keep the above-mentioned benefits in mind. If you want to purchase a laser printer than the ultimate choice should be HP printers. They are easily available in the markets. Their spare parts are easily available as well as the toners and cartridges are easily available. The toner refill and maintenance is also a problem which HP laser printers have sort out, the refill and maintenance is quite easily available in the market.
Overall if someone wants efficiency, economically cheap, time efficient and a trustworthy printer, he or she might choose a laser printer because they have all above-mentioned characteristics and demand of offices, schools, and hospitals is kind of these too.

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