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Go For Smart Printing While Saving Money on Ink and Paper

  It's no more a secret that you can save a lot of money from your used or unused cartridges. You can also save a large amount of money and ink by paying heed to the font you use for printing. If you are using a large amount of ink and toner for your printing, you have to buy the stuff again and again, and it costs you more money. This also means that you have to pay more for the electricity bill as you are printing for a longer duration. Here is a great way to save your ink and paper while conserving the environment, and it all initiates with the selection of font.   Eco-friendly fonts Budget and environment-friendly fonts are a great easy way to save your ink and toner . For instance, if you usually prefer Arial font for printing, you consume a lot of ink and spend more money. Times New Roman has better ink efficiency than Arial. But a few other fonts instead of Times New Roman can help you save ink while printing.   Look for the thin and narrow font It's alw

What to do when the printer does not recognize compatible toner cartridges?

When you replace an empty cartridge with a compatible one, the printer cannot recognize that cartridge. This is a typical issue faced by many printer owners regardless of the brand they are using. But these issues aren’t very often. Most of the compatible toner cartridges are of good quality and work with the same efficiency as the original ones. You can solve these issues with a little patience and use the below-mentioned steps to rectify the problem. What are the common issues that you may face? The printer is not recognizing the compatible cartridges Your printer is displaying warning lights Receiving message that says: toner is not compatible Computer error indication while replacing the cartridge The message that says: “no cartridge installed.” Message on your printer: printer cartridge not detected, or printer is unable to detect ink. How you can fix them These issues might be due to the below-mentioned reasons that prevent your