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Comparison between ink and toner cartridge

When you want to choose Cartridge for your printer then you surely check which one is best for your printer. We are here to explain you difference between toner and ink cartridge. First, you should understand both these cartridges.  Ink cartridges Ink cartridge means it carries ink whether it colored or black and it is basically used in the inkjet printer. For the process of printing the printer is attached with inkjet which is used for spray on the paper. This ink contains pigments and dyes which helps in giving accurate color.  Toner Cartridge Toner is a dry powder that contains microscopic plastic particles. Toner Cartridge is used for laser printing. In the process of laser printing, the powder is filled and heated electronically and put on the paper. This is the fast printing method and used in a big job for printing.  The ink and toner cartridge depends upon different factors. Now we explain the advantage and disadvantages of both of these cartridges an