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Focus on few tips for the care of your ink cartridge

When you come to  Ink Cartridge   then you know that Ink Cartridge is one of the expensive things which you buy for the office. If you buy a new ink cartridge and it becomes damaged then it will be more costly for you, because the damage ink cartridge may affect your printer. For avoiding from this damage first you care of your ink cartridge that will save your money. If you want a good printing mean long and efficient printing service from ink cartridge then you should focus on a few tips which help you for maintaining your ink cartridge. Before putting the cartridge in the printer The main thing you should check both printer and ink cartridge before your installation of the cartridge in the printer. Because it will save you from damage. If you use older model than first you check was clip completely secured or not before swinging the cartridge. This is to chief the ink. Sometimes you can also tap the cartridge to attaining the same effect. Then you should check the gol