Go For Smart Printing While Saving Money on Ink and Paper


It's no more a secret that you can save a lot of money from your used or unused cartridges. You can also save a large amount of money and ink by paying heed to the font you use for printing. If you are using a large amount of ink and toner for your printing, you have to buy the stuff again and again, and it costs you more money. This also means that you have to pay more for the electricity bill as you are printing for a longer duration. Here is a great way to save your ink and paper while conserving the environment, and it all initiates with the selection of font.


Eco-friendly fonts

Budget and environment-friendly fonts are a great easy way to save your ink and toner. For instance, if you usually prefer Arial font for printing, you consume a lot of ink and spend more money. Times New Roman has better ink efficiency than Arial. But a few other fonts instead of Times New Roman can help you save ink while printing.


Look for the thin and narrow font

It's always great to select narrow fonts to reduce the printer's ink usage, although it depends on your desired product. For example, if you are planning to create a heading or a banner, you should be mindful of selecting your fonts in terms of readability. We have summed up some great fonts with better readability that gives you a chance to save ink during printing.



The font is often referred similar to a typewriter, and courier is the best option if you are printing plain texts and documents. All the characters are evenly spaced, maintaining the same width throughout the paper and making perfect text blocks.

You can read the text without increasing the size as the text is thin enough. It is a classic option for specific design schemes, and if you wish for a typewriter look, you will definitely save ink and paper on this choice.


Century Gothic

It is not commonly used compared to other fonts, but it is among the most sought out fonts, famous for savings and eco-friendliness. The letters are thin; hence, you consume less ink while increasing readability.

Century Gothic is great for flyers and banners as the letters are well-spaced and easily readable from further away. But it would help if you were careful while printing large documents because the well-spaced fonts use more space on the lines and more pages for printing. Century Gothic font is handy and a great alternative for classic options.


Roman Eco

This is a free downloadable font and is designed for sustainability. Roman Eco uses 33% less ink compared to other standard fonts. The Roman Eco looks more beautiful, yet it is similar to standard fonts. The monotype font is very useful while printing in small enough fonts, and the ink bleeds together and makes it easy for the reader to go through the document. Hence, it is a standard font with less ink usage and saves more paper.



Brush Script

Brush Script is often not a favorite choice of consumers due to its low readability value, but it saves a great deal of ink and paper while printing. Great for logos, headings, and large bold fonts, making an accurate impression on the printouts.


Eco font

It is another downloadable font and was created solely to save ink during printing. Eco font sans option is commonly used with tiny little holes poked through the letters, so the ink can also bleed while printing in small fonts.

The good part is that the manufacturers also designed software that can poke small holes through other standard fonts like Calibri, Arial, or New Times Roman, cutting down the ink usage up to 50%. Although its free download is not available, this is a super-efficient way to save paper and ink during your printing jobs.

If you are looking for fonts that can save you ink and money, you can opt for any of the above options. Sure, you can make your font smaller, but it also costs you readability.


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