What to do when the printer does not recognize compatible toner cartridges?

When you replace an empty cartridge with a compatible one, the printer cannot recognize that cartridge. This is a typical issue faced by many printer owners regardless of the brand they are using. But these issues aren’t very often. Most of the compatible toner cartridges are of good quality and work with the same efficiency as the original ones. You can solve these issues with a little patience and use the below-mentioned steps to rectify the problem.

What are the common issues that you may face?

  • The printer is not recognizing the compatible cartridges
  • Your printer is displaying warning lights
  • Receiving message that says: toner is not compatible
  • Computer error indication while replacing the cartridge
  • The message that says: “no cartridge installed.”
  • Message on your printer: printer cartridge not detected, or printer is unable to detect ink.

How you can fix them

These issues might be due to the below-mentioned reasons that prevent your printer from working properly. Here are also solutions to these problems.

Incorrect installation

You receive an error message on the screen when the cartridge is not at its designated slot. You can easily resolve this issue. Just recheck each of the inserted cartridges and ensure they are in the right place.

There are chances you can face similar issues when you mistakenly place the color ink or toner in the wrong slot, or more simply, you are using the wrong cartridge model for the printer. Make sure to buy suitable replacement printer cartridges and try to put them in the right place.

Protective plastic strips have not been removed

You should remove the plastic strips before installation. If you forget to remove the protective covers, the printer can’t register the new cartridge.

If the printer is not recognizing ink or toner, remove the cartridge from the printer and check all strips are correctly removed, and reinstall the cartridge back into the printer.

Printer’s memory

When you inject a new cartridge, the printer recognizes it and resets its memory after the replacement. Sometimes, the printer can’t recognize the cartridge automatically and is unable to reset the memory; you have to reset it manually.

Resetting the memory

You can reset the memory by removing the new cartridge and putting back the old one. Wait a few minutes to get its recognition done and then put the new cartridge back into the printer. Check whether the printer is recognizing the cartridge or not. If the issues persist, repeat the same process with restarting your printer.

Dirt or damage on the metal contacts

The printer cartridges have many metal contacts that connect to similar metal contacts. Metal contacts enable the chip data reading. Dirt or damage within the printer can prevent these contact from connecting with the respective ones and prevent the information reading on the chip.

Cleaning of the metal contacts

The metal contacts are present at the backside of the ink or toner cartridge and look like a flattened piece of metal, copper, or even resembles circuit board.

First, make sure to turn off the printer, remove the ink or toner cartridge carefully and place it on a flat surface. Use a dry lint-free cloth to remove the dirt on the metal contacts. Replace the cartridges and turn the printer on. This will resolve any dirt issues on the microchips.

Software updates issues and its solution

Sometimes, software update makes the chip data useless and give an “empty” status. This common issue detected that compatible toner or ink fails to function in your printer. Printer software usually requires updates to fix the bugs. Some printer manufacturers used the updates to stop compatible cartridges from smooth working. Messages pop up on your screen like “cartridge not compatible,” “cartridge empty,” or “cartridge not recognized.” The solution is to replace the refurbished cartridge or just ignore the warning.

It is always better to disable automatic software updates on the printer if you are still using the compatible inks or toners.

If you face any issues with the refilled inks, then it is good to switch off any setting that would probably send usage data to the manufacturer. Doing this prevents you from knowing the ink level, but it also prohibits the printer from monitoring the inks being used and allowing the ink to work without any issues.

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